Michael Kors Smartwatch

It’s finally happened – wearables have garnered enough good will, interest and profit to begin attracting the attention of more mainstream, non-tech brands. Realizing that wearables aren’t a fad that will fade in the foreseeable future, renowned fashion designer Michael Kors is giving wearables a shot, introducing a new line of wearable technology accessories, all with his trademark aesthetic and branding insignia: MK.

Michael Kors Men's Smartwatch

Revealing designs, features and pricing for a wearable smartwatch for both men and women at Baselworld, Michael Kors explained that wearables became an opportunity he could no longer ignore. “I’m in the business of making people’s lives easier through fashion,” he said. “I thought, ‘Why can’t tech accessories be chic and glamorous?’ Technology is impacting life more and more. It should reflect your personal taste as much as anything else.”

Michael Kors Women's Smartwatch

Kors’ smartwatches will hit retailers this fall and be compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. The tech inside these wearables is meant to facilitate more social media capabilities and interactions, rather than track one’s fitness or essentially replace one’s smartphone like most other smartwatches. With a touchscreen display that provides alerts from social media, app notifications, email and text, these smartwatches are for the more social-minded consumer. But, of course, you have your typical fitness tracking elements and even a “smart help” feature that’s voice activated and powered by Google.