Michael Kors Access Smartwatch

Have we reached peak "smartwatch" yet? I am not sure about that, but we certainly have no shortage of choice. The smartwatches out there - or connected watches, as they might be better labeled in some cases - run the gamut from full LCD touch-screens that almost want to replace your phone, to those watches that look like, well, normal watches, but include some additional brains inside the case that can talk with your phone. That latter scenario is what we have with the just-announced Michael Kors Access "hybrid smartwatches."


Michael Kors Lexington Pavé Rose Gold-Tone Watch ROSE GOLD

Now, the full model name is only the Michael Kors Access, but the company repeatedly refers to it as a "hybrid smartwatch." Let's examine that a bit. First, the smartwatch appellation. As I mentioned at the outset, the smartwatch term encompasses a wide variety of watches and capabilities. There are various merits to this umbrella term, but it can confuse things. I believe that the Michael Kors Access would be more accurately labeled as a "connected watch." Why? Well, that becomes clearer when addressing the "hybrid" part.


Even with the additional tech, the Michael Kors Access still only requires a coin cell battery, which is a big selling point of these types of watches. They may not be as flashy (or upgradeable) as a full-on smart watch (like the Polar M600, say), but they also do not require constant charging and last up to six months depending on usage.

Michael Kors Jaryn Pavé Silver-Tone Watch SILVER


Watches like the Michael Kors Access also manage to look like a regular watch, which means they won't raise any eyebrows at the office. Which, given how bold some of the wrist-mounted trackers are these days, may not be a bad thing. That said, if you are looking to pick up a watch like this to also be your fitness tracker, be prepared to wear it, and only it.